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General Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to plant my plants after I purchase them?
It’s important to plant your new plant in the ground or in a pot with soil amendments and fertilizer as soon as you get it home. Nursery containers require watering often and constant care.

Do I remove the stake that came with my tree?
Yes. Most trees come with transportation stakes, meant to stabilize the tree during transport. Once you plant your new tree, remove the transportation stake and replace it with one stake on each side, set about 12 inches from the trunk, and secure with flexible ties. Come in and we’ll show you how.

What is your return policy?
Please read our Plant Guarantee and if you feel you have a unique situation, please contact us at GardenSolutions@idiggreenacres.com.

Who do I contact about a return?
Plants are unique and sometimes, despite our best efforts, plants don’t survive. If you are ready for an exchange or refund, here’s what to do:

Did you know? We specialize in troubleshooting. Our team can look at bagged samples and pictures to diagnose pests, disease, watering issues, and more. Troubleshooting can grow your success.

Do you offer delivery?
Yes, we offer delivery. Read the details here.

Do you have someone who will come to my home to provide design advice and/or plant care?
We do not provide on-site services. However, we can provide advice from photos. It’s helpful if you have an understanding of sun exposure and irrigation. We also specialize in troubleshooting. Our team can look at bagged samples and pictures to diagnose pests, disease, watering issues, and more.

How do I check to see if an item is available at my Green Acres Nursery & Supply location?
The availability of product changes regularly due to a number of factors related to live goods.
  • Please call the location of your choice for current inventory.
Do you recommend landscape professionals?
Choosing a landscape professional is such a personal decision. We work with so many professionals in the field that we feel it would be unfair to refer some and not others. However, we do have a few tips for you:

Tips for Selecting the Right Landscape Architect, Designer, or Contractor:
  1. Get at least three bids and check references
  2. Compare bids carefully, making sure they are itemized the same way
  3. Pay attention to the relationship potential – work with someone you are comfortable with
  4. Gather photos to define your style
  5. Save room in your budget for things you love: plants, furniture, grills, art…all of the things that will personalize your landscape
Each of our locations has a Contractor Sales area, where we fulfill orders for landscape professionals. In that department, you will find a bulletin board filled with business cards of local landscape companies. From there you can take as many cards as you like to begin your research.

What forms of payment can I use at your stores?
We accept MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, Debit Cards, Personal Checks, and Digit Wallets including Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Oh, and cash.

How do I apply to work for Green Acres Nursery & Supply?
Check out our employment page here.

How can I schedule a garden guru to come talk at my event?
You may submit a request to have one of our staff speak at your event by sending an email to GardenSolutions@idiggreenacres.com.

What is your privacy policy?
We never sell your data. If you’ve signed up for our emails, you will receive emails addressed directly to you from TheScoop@idiggreenacres.com. (Make sure you’ve added TheScoop@idiggreenacres.com to your address book so emails from us won’t end up in your spam or junk folder.) See our privacy policy.

How do I check the balance of my gift card?
You may send your gift card number and a request for a balance to GardenSolutions@idiggreenacres.com.

Do you offer discounts for military personnel, seniors, garden clubs, etc?
As a local business with connections to so many local organizations, our priority is to offer the best possible prices to every one of our customers, every day. When we get great deals from our vendors, we pass those deals on to our customers in the form of Hot Buys.

One small gesture of gratitude that we are very honored to offer our military is when a family member is actively deployed and won’t be home for Christmas, we offer a free Christmas tree to their immediate family to help make the holidays a little brighter.

How do I update my email account?
If you are a subscriber to our emails, you’ll find a link to manage preferences at the bottom of each email. If you do not have a current email from us, we can send you a link to your account by clicking here.

How do I share my garden projects with Green Acres Nursery & Supply?
Follow us on Facebook @idggreenacres and Instagram @idiggreenacres to share your garden projects, and ideas for others in the gardening community.

Do you offer discounts and services for landscape professionals?
Our Contractor Sales teams coordinate discounts for licensed landscape professionals, we provide comprehensive quotes, pull orders in advance, and have it ready for pick up on the way to your job site, or we’ll deliver for you. Please call one of our Green Acres locations and ask to speak to someone in Contractor Sales for details.


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