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Our Go-To Fall Planting Combos

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4 Combos for Fall Planting
Fall is an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs because the air is cooling down, but the soil is still warm...the perfect conditions to encourage root growth before we get into next summer's heat. By next summer, your plants will be less likely to succumb to the heat because the root system will be able to take up more water.

Inspired, but not sure where to begin? We've got you covered with four plant combos that can go in the ground now and look good all year.

Fall Planting Tip: Remember to stake your trees in preparation for winter's wind.
Fab Fall Colors graphic

Fabulous Fall Colors

This full sun collection offers red, green, orange, yellow and purple leaf colors all year long—the most striking of which is the Red Maple. The best time to select a tree for fall color is in the fall—you can see what it looks like in all of its glory.

Red Maple ‘October Glory’
Flowers For Every Season graphic

Flowers For Every Season

If you like to have flowers in every season, this combo is for you. The Redbud rings in spring with branches filled with small pink flowers. Summer brings roses, coneflowers flower in fall, and the viburnum carries the garden through winter.

Oklahoma Redbud
Shady Ladies graphic

Shady Ladies

Why not give a nod to the ladies of the garden? This is a recipe to brighten shady beds with fragrance and texture.

Camellia ‘Nuccio’s Bella Rosa’
Waterwise Wonders graphic

Waterwise Wonders

Rolling into the wet winter season, we don't want to lose sight of the wisdom of planting for our Mediterranean climate. We love this combo because it's unique and has a nice mix of leaf sizes, colors and texture.

Palo Verde ‘Desert Museum’
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