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Aphids on a plant

An Ounce of Prevention

Spring is here, the weather is warming up in the garden, and that means we’re seeing a lot more activity among our plants—both good and not so good. Many of you have contacted us with questions about what’s going on in your garden, so we’ve pulled together answers to some common questions about pest and disease problems, along with recommended treatments.  

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Dogwood blooms

April Garden Tasks

Spring is in full swing and the weather is warming up. Browse our checklist for April garden care tips. Guard against pests, check irrigation systems, and get those veggies in the ground now for a bumper crop this summer!
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Bulldog with Sunflower Hat

Pet-Friendly Product List

Protect your animal friends by using products that are considered safer to use around domestic animals. We have a list of a variety of less toxic products for use in your garden and outdoor areas. 

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    Snail on a blade of grass

    Keeping Bugs At Bay

    Now's the time to start checking for seasonal pest problems and take steps to protect your plants. We can help you find the right natural solution in the fight against unwanted garden guests.
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    Whitefly on leaf

    Pest S.O.S. 12 Most Common Summer Pests Part 3

    Gardeners water, feed, pinch, prune and putz so we can enjoy the fruits of our labornot to invite unwanted pests. Learn to identify and prevent some common summer garden pests: spider mites, sow bugs, stink bugs, whiteflies, yellowjackets, and budworms.
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    Thrips on Yellow Flower

    Pest S.O.S. 12 Most Common Summer Pests Part 1

    Pests are prevalent in summer. Plant stress, abundant food and favorable breeding conditions give pests the advantage over the plants in your garden. The best method of treatment is prevention. Learn the 12 most common summer pests in gardens of the Sacramento area, and all of the information you need to combat them effectively.
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